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Our firewood follows a careful production process:

All products available in the store, www.srlegua.com, meet all the mandatory control requirements and guarantee the best quality. For more information, please contact us.

1. Control of product in place of origin.

2. Review of quality in our warehouse.

3. Mediterranean sun dried for a period of not less than 8 months, which allows the wood to gradually lose its moisture.

4. Manual packaging to verify product quality, careful packaging.


Dry wood provides more efficient use of calories than wet.

Lower moisture = higher quality wood

Wood contains energy that can be released during combustion. The useful energy content varies with the moisture and the type of wood. Dry wood provides more efficient use of calories than wet. If the wood is not dry, the water content is very high (60% or more), which causes it to burn producing very little flame, without force or heat and producing smoke.

Dry wood, with a water content ranging as a rule from 15% to 20%, provides fast, clean fire. The fire does not have to overcome the moisture barrier and the wood catches fast, directly and consistently. The yield is therefore much greater.

The drying process allows moisture to evaporate from the timber, causing the wood to catch more easily and provide efficient heat.

The most appropriate drying is carried out naturally, using sunlight and air, for a period of not less than 8 months.

At Legua the wood is dried outdoors in our warehouse in Foios (Valencia), in the natural heat of the Mediterranean sun and for a period of no less than 8 months.

You cannot talk about exact weight in wood, as it constantly loses moisture and this makes it vary in weight. Therefore Legua sells firewood by volume. Depending on environmental conditions and temperature, the wood will lose moisture more or less rapidly. In line with other countries at a European level, volume is taken as a parameter for measuring the wood, the weight being simply informative.

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