IMPORTANT NOTICE: Large volume orders will be delivered to the customer's address using a manual pallet truck, placing it where access is possible. The carrier will assess on-site the exact location for delivery (we always aim to leave it inside the premises, garage... but if not possible, it will be left at the entrance of the designated area).

How do I place an order? To purchase any of the products listed on our website, follow these steps:

  1. Select the product you wish to purchase.

  2. Click on "Add to cart". You'll find it next to each product. Repeat this step for each product you wish to buy.

  3. At the top right, you'll find the shopping cart icon, click on it and you can:

    • Check the total amount of the selected products, without shipping costs; these will be provided when you enter the shipping address.
    • "Proceed to checkout" where you can change the quantities of each product in the cart or delete products by clicking the trash icon.

To start the purchase process, once you have included all desired products in the shopping cart, click "Proceed to checkout".

Fill in the personal details, shipping address*, choose the payment method, and finally confirm the order to complete it.

Do I need to register to make a purchase? Your data is necessary to process the corresponding invoice.

You can register your purchase through two modalities: as a registered user in the login tab (you must have previously created a user profile) or as a guest (an account that will be used to register in our database and which you can later use to access your user account again).

In both situations, you will need to provide us with the following data:

  • Full name
  • Email address
  • Password
  • Date of birth

Once you have submitted the data, you will receive an email with your username and password to the email address provided.

The information you provide in this section will be used for the invoice of the order. It is very important that you review it, because the person or entity whose details are provided (name and surname or company name, NIF/CIF, address, etc.) will be, for all purposes, the owner of the purchase.

I forgot my password Click on "Forgot your password?". You will be taken to the window where you must enter your email address and click the "Send password reset link" button. You will receive the new data at the email address you provided when registering.

What payment methods are available? Bank transfer

You must make the bank transfer for the total amount of the purchase (the one shown as "Total" during the purchase process). In the transfer, you must indicate the name of the person or entity that owns the purchase and the order number (the number is automatically assigned by the system when completing the order). The beneficiary of the transfer will be Leñas Legua. The account number to which the transfer must be made will be sent to you by email.

Credit card

Payment is made through a payment gateway, which complies with the new secure electronic commerce standards adopted by the international Visa and MasterCard brands in order to guarantee the security, confidentiality, and integrity of the buyer's ownership.

This Secure Purchase system accepts Visa and MasterCard cards issued by any other financial institution, and in which the identity of the cardholder is authenticated.

You must follow the steps indicated by the payment gateway.


Payment is made at the time of purchase, subject to authorization by the PayPal payment system.

Will I receive an invoice for my purchase? Yes, any purchase made through the online store generates the corresponding invoice.

From the "Customer Area", you can access the invoice for your order (view and print it if you wish), within your order, by clicking "Invoices".

If you prefer, you can request a copy of your invoice by writing us an email through our contact section. You will need to indicate the name of the purchaser and the order number, and it will be sent to you by email unless you request it to be sent by regular mail.

Can I provide a different delivery address from the invoice address?

Yes, you can add a different address from the billing address for the delivery of your order. In the purchase process, after filling in the data for the invoice, you can enter another address for the delivery, as well as comments that help us deliver the package.

Is my purchase secure? is an online store that guarantees the confidentiality of your personal and card data. At Leñas Legua, we have registered the Database with the Spanish Data Protection Agency, complying with the regulations to guarantee, protect, and not use, for purposes other than those authorized by you, all your personal data.

The data is sent directly to Visa, which in turn connects with the bank and approves the operation. We work on secure servers, so it is impossible for third parties to access this data.

Is it safe to pay by card? For security reasons, your card details are sent directly to Visa with an SSL certificate, which connects with your bank and approves the transaction. We work on secure servers, so it is impossible for third parties to access this data.

Is it safe to pay with PayPal? The PayPal payment system is convenient, fast, and reliable. To pay via PayPal, you will need to register as a user of this payment gateway beforehand, and once your identity has been authorized and certified, you can make purchases quickly and reliably.

For more information about the security of this payment method, click here.

I can't make the purchase with my card, what can I do? In this case, it is best to contact your bank; it is possible that your card is not activated or that there is some problem with it.

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